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52 South Quinsigamond Ave, Shrewsbury MA, USA 01545 
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Ballet Academy

  52 South Quinsigamond Ave,
Shrewsbury , Massachusetts  01545 USA
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Danceartists Ballet Academy Children's Division

Royal Academy of Dance Classes from Primary thru Grade 5 

Our Training Programs expand the young child's imagination while teaching them core biomechanics of center balance developing co-ordination of movement enhanced by beautiful music.

As they graduate to each level, extension of their technical and artistic abilities is carefully taught with age and physical development appropriate bio mechanics of movement for each stage of development.

Danceartists Childrens Ballet Division begins at age 5 turning 6 through to age 11. 

Our teaching environments foster confidence and happiness. Our attention to detail builds a strong foundation in our young students.  

Private Coaching Lessons are available at all levels however is waitlisted for0 2019/20.  Minimum selection days per week.

Pre-Professional Upper School from age 11 to adult incorporates Ballet Levels from Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced Foundation, Advanced 1, Advanced 2, Solo Seal, Discovering Repertoire. Open Classical Ballet, Pointe , Contemporary Ballet, Martha Graham,  Choreography  Composition,  Limber /Conditioning, Set Repertoire, Pas de Deux, Private Coaching Lessons, Music as applied to Dance,  Theory of Dance, Dance History, Costume Construction, Pro-tools music editing,  Mime Acting,  access to the Movement as Metaphor Aerial Acrobatic training programs. 

In this detailed Classical Ballet training environment students have the options of choosing either a non examination or examination course of study.  Both courses train with equal attention to technical /artistic details in our positive confidence building class environments. Minimum 3 days of training with 6 days of training available. Day classes selection begin at 2.30pm.   

Danceartists Weekly Class Schedule is available to our registered students.

New Registration appointment email: [email protected]

Danceartists Ballet Theater by Invitation.